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Providing Managed IT Services for small to medium sized business


Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

Partnering with a managed IT services provider can offer considerable cost savings from the standpoint of controlling IT spend while increasing ROI. The typical IT budget consists of hardware costs, IT labor, software, network infrastructure, storage, and maintenance costs. Utilizing an MSP like Wevem  provides the agility and scalability to grow that goes far beyond what internal IT departments can offer. With Wevem MSP , you can conveniently predict your monthly IT costs, which helps when planning for larger initiatives.


What We Can Do for You

Infrastructure Management

This service covers everything, including hosting, servers and storage services, establishing LAN, WAPs, and myriads of connections for your business, we manage it.

Managed Support

Managed support enables your staff to contact a remote help when faced with issues or problems with any system, program, protocol, or prompt. 

Data Recovery and Backup

Is your business properly backing up? With this service we work on getting your infrastructure backed up properly wether locally or to the cloud.

Network Design

We let the needs of your your business drive network design. We partner with you to procure and design network technologies that maximize your investment.

Cloud Services

We managed cloud infrastructure services covering all things pertaining on cloud services and management including computing, storage, directory services, email.

Managed Security

Managed service offering a broad range of solutions including patch management, malware protection, and other crucial security updates for servers and desktops.


We’ll help you make your business more competitive and efficient by using technology the right way, tapping higher levels of expertise

Get Started

Three Steps to MSP.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

MAP, Assess

M What

“Map” refers to the initial assessment phase, during which the WEVEM maps out your existing IT systems and identifies any areas that need improvement. This might involve conducting a network audit, analyzing system logs, or interviewing key stakeholders to get a sense of how the current systems are being used.

We start by taking a good look at your network and provide you with a clear service proposal based on your needs. 

Strategize, Optimize

S Why

“Strategize” refers to the phase in which the WEVEM develops a strategic plan for how to optimize your IT systems. This might involve identifying new hardware or software solutions that could help streamline processes, implementing security protocols to protect sensitive data, or developing a disaster recovery plan in case of system failure.

We thoroughly setup or clean up and document your computer network so that we can manage and support it efficiently.

Perform, Manage

P How

“Perform” refers to the phase in which the WEVEM puts the strategic plan into action. This might involve installing new hardware or software, configuring networks, or training employees on new systems and processes. WEVEM will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition and minimize any disruption to your business operations.

We install our remote support software and take over responsibility for managing your computer infrastructure.

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